And the Survey Says…

August 26, 2009

headshot karenBy Karen Watson, CMP Experient

Can you believe three weeks have gone by since we all said our goodbyes at the 2009 e4 conference?? From the feedback Experient  received it appears everyone enjoyed and found tremendous value in the event.

I have been curious as to how many of you are already utilizing some social media applications or plan to in the future? As I awaited the results of the post event surveys I wondered what we would actually learn about our social media experience at e4?

Well, based upon the surveys received here are the findings:

  • Live Webcasts —
    • 24.43% of Experient clients are already doing live webcasts.
    • 45.9% plan to do so in the future.
    • Only 29.73% have no plans for webcasts.
  • Live Twitter Streams in Sessions–
    • 13.5% of clients have already utilized Twitter feeds in session(s).
    • 42.89% plan to do so in future
    • 44.59% have no plans to do so in future.
  • White Label Social Networking Sites (i.e. Social Collective)
    • Only 9.46% utilize white label social networking site.
    • 45.95% plan to do so in future
    • 44.59% do not plan to do so.
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Twitter: It’s About Real Relationships

July 8, 2009


Jessica Levin

Jessica Levin

By Jessica Levin, CMP – Seven Degrees Communications

On July 9th I will celebrate my one year “Twitterversary” – one year since I first created a Twitter account. Like many people, my first thoughts when I learned about Twitter were “I don’t get it” and “why would anyone care what I was doing.” I quickly learned that tweets, as posts on Twitter are called, are not just about what you are doing. Tweets are about sharing information, learning from others and meeting quality people.
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Just text me, Mom!

June 2, 2009

DBeldon_headshotBy Debbi Beldon, CMP – Experient

My son graduated from high school this past weekend and will be heading to college in the fall which got me thinking about the differences between when I went to college a long, long time ago and now.

I left for school without a lap top (didn’t exist yet) or cell phone (nope – not invented yet either). The only way for me to communicate with my parents was the pay phone in the hall or the good old-fashioned snail mail. A stamp cost $.22 back then, by the way.


My son will have plenty of ways to keep in touch from the University of Colorado. He has his cell phone, on which he could call (unlikely) or text (much greater chance of this). He’ll have his laptop – from which he could email us, post on Facebook, or Twitter us. If his father and I could stomach My Space – we could check him out on that too – because he’s on that as well.

Last summer, he worked at an amusement park and met some kids from the Ukraine. He told me that he had been talking to them – I almost passed out at the thought of the phone bill until he explained what Skype is. In case you’re as clueless as I was – Skype is software that enables the world’s conversations. Millions of individuals and businesses use Skype to make free video and voice calls, send instant messages and share files with other Skype users. Everyday, people everywhere also use Skype to make low-cost calls to landlines and mobiles.

It’s his ability to multi-task that really has me befuddled. It’s very common to find him doing homework, listening to his iPod, texting on his phone, and chatting with friends on BOTH Facebook and My Space at the same time! If I am updating my Facebook status, trust me – it is the only thing I can do at that time. Read the rest of this entry »

Twitter 5 Tips for Success

May 29, 2009

By Michael M. McCurry, CMP, Experient

Mike at podium small vsWow, I can’t believe nearly two weeks has passed since the invitations for e4 were sent out.  By now I hope you have registered and visited our Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter social networking sites!

Many of you are not familar at all with Twitter.  You may have signed up for a Twitter account but don’t really understand what to do next.  The focus of this post is to share some tips with you on how to best leverage your Twitter experience.
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Summer = Vacation

May 27, 2009

TTonioliwBy Teri Tonioli, CMP – Experient

Hello from Budapest!

Have you planned your summer vacation?  Is it the stress of it that is keeping you from starting the process?  Start by putting dates on your calendar.  Right now. I believe in putting them on my schedule in January vs. trying to find the time as the year progresses.  Now to the planning process.

Danube_riverOnce you know where you may want to go, it’s time to do the research.  In planning my trip to Vienna, Budapest and Prague, I started with the hotel websites.  The depth of these sites today is incredible!  After reading all there is to do at each location I realized….

I need more vacation time!
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Experiencing e4 One Tweet At A Time — Twitter 101

May 17, 2009

Mike at podium small vs

By Michael M. McCurry, CMP

For e4 2009 Experient is showcasing social media in the Meeting and Events arena.  As you may have already noticed, we have unveiled e4 Group Meeting Sites on LinkedIn and  Facebook .  Experient is also introducing an e4 presence in Twitter, a social media application gaining momentum rapidly in the online community!

About two months ago, at the prompting of a close friend, I entered  the world of Twitter (affectionately referred to by users as the “Twitterverse”)  for the very first time.   Admittedly my initial experience was confusing, akin to the sensation one feels when learning a foreign language.  With persistence I soon discovered the magic of this online communication tool.
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