State Dinner at E4

August 6, 2009

By Andy Smith Experient

Dinner_NixonThe e4 content has helped each of us take networking into a new dimension. Within the span of three days we integrated true Lifeline Relationship Networking with Keith Ferrazzi. Rapidly we integrated technology with blogs, facebook, linkedin, and twitter. And then the amazing happened – e4 attendees experienced time travel networking with visits from several DC based famous and infamous Presidents at the e4 State Dinner.Dinner_LincolnThe time travel was good, but there have been some troubling side effects. Suddenly jords are wumbled. Suddenly motts are jangled. Suddenly we do not know if we are in our poom or rose.   Fortunately, the fine entertainers at Capital Steps will help us regain our tasp of gralk soon.



If not, Stephen Nold has agreed to perform another pecha kucha aria to get us back on track.

Lets all be bold, give a da*n, and connect throughout the weeks and months ahead. The journey is only beginning.