e4 Power Networking — “I didn’t want to leave”

August 17, 2009

Jeff SacksJeff Sacks, CMPExperient

Have you ever been invited to a party that you just really didn’t want to attend but did any way since it was the “right thing to do”?  When the agenda was distributed for e4, I heard on more than a few occasions that people were jazzed about the education being offered, but “what is” and “why are” we Power Networking”?  As a mater of fact, while onsite at Gaylord National, I was speaking to one individual (who I’ll kindly refer to as Negative Nelly Networker) who told me that they were absolutely dreading the Power Networking time slot and would give anything to have a reason to not attend.

The “What is”  of Power Networking turned out to be a series of 5 minute power networkingconversations between two individuals who may or may not have known each other before they found themselves face-to-face across a 30” classroom table.  The “Why are” was clearly to have an opportunity to meet upwards of 10-15 new people in an hour’s time – and not just meeting them as in “how’s the weather” but as Keith Ferrazzi implored people to do – meeting them deeply and actually “giving a damn.”  I personally learned things about people’s families, jobs, dating activity, hopes, dreams and everything in between.  The energy in the room was palpable and people were networking their tails off.

It was a fascinating hour.  Andy Smith did a yeoman’s job of getting everyone to move along every five minutes and the group jumped in with two feet and really got into it.  As a number of us have learned post-e4, this was an experiment in networking that not even the Ferrazzi team was sure we could pull off.  They were so pleased with the results they expect to recommend this session to clients for years to come!

So…how could I experience this session and not have sought Negative Nelly out to see their reaction right?  All Nelly had to say was…”I didn’t want to leave!”  Nuff said.

Question — Have you or your organization engaged in a power networking session?  What was the outcome and why?  Please share your thoughts with us!


Twitter: It’s About Real Relationships

July 8, 2009


Jessica Levin

Jessica Levin

By Jessica Levin, CMP – Seven Degrees Communications

On July 9th I will celebrate my one year “Twitterversary” – one year since I first created a Twitter account. Like many people, my first thoughts when I learned about Twitter were “I don’t get it” and “why would anyone care what I was doing.” I quickly learned that tweets, as posts on Twitter are called, are not just about what you are doing. Tweets are about sharing information, learning from others and meeting quality people.
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Time Management Tips for Social Media

July 6, 2009
Maria Grasso

Maria Grasso

Maria Grasso, Director of Sales Philadelphia Convention & Visitors Bureau

Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Blogs, Podcasts. …… there are just not enough hours in the day to get to all of these social media sites, not to mention the time it takes for me to recall my many different logins and passwords! How about you? How much time do you spend each day or week on social networking sites? How do you manage your time?

I decided to do some research to find out how people effectively manage their social media sites without bringing productivity to a screeching halt at the office.time mgmt cartoon Read the rest of this entry »

Will the real Cara please stand up?

June 25, 2009

Headshot_cara2By Cara Beckerle, CMP – Experient

Most days I consider myself an open book. I’m pretty happy with the way I live my life, am a self professed terrible liar, and will tell you a bit about myself if prompted (I’m still a teeny bit introverted, you know). But who am I, really? And who cares?

There aren’t any scandalous secrets about me online. I’ve been smart enough to limit my web profiles so only friends are allowed to check in on me. I’m selective in my posting of pictures. I try not to post anything too personal that might encourage identity theft or a myriad of other dangers you hear about. When you Google me (we all do it, right?) the main entries are mostly me, mostly accurate, and mostly innocuous. But am I ready for everyone to know the “real” me?

Over the last few months, I’ve been grappling with the E4 “experiment” using social media. I consider myself fairly technically savvy – been a blogger, on Myspace, religiously check Facebook for my friends’ status updates, and finally added a text package to my cell phone because the SO (for those not yet up on the multitude of text/chat abbreviations*, that would be “significant other”) was burning up messaging charges using his iPhone. To this point, though, the techie geek in me has been mostly operating in the personal side of my life. Adding professional groups and contacts adds a whole new dynamic to my wired life.

When mulling this topic over, I decided to check out the “Do’s and Don’ts of Social Networking.” Type that phrase into any web browser and you will get several good articles – mostly common sense but worth looking into if you are new to the online world. Because someone, somewhere will take a look into something you post. Period. What I struggle more with is revealing the inner sanctum of my brain with co-workers, professional contacts, future employees – and the assessment they may make of me from reviewing a quick status update or tweet. Read the rest of this entry »

Virtual Partners

June 11, 2009


By Denise Webster – Experient

Strategic, proven Experience. In short, this is what a meeting’s Virtual Partners (from the important client partner to the vendor and internal support) must deliver.

The strategic arena is wide open. The definition of virtual is unique to each program and company. A planner must put into the place the right processes and people to create the most customized of virtual events.  Determine or discover the vision and mandated delivery goals.  Is the definition of virtual simply a webinar or is the organization striving to think out of the box and deliver a multi level production?  Know the key technologies of the company. The final conference must showcase the strengths of its leaders and its products.  Then engage and align supporting partners who share in this mission and have the PROVEN bandwidth to deliver. Integrate the best capabilities of all partners in order to strategize a successful program.
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Young Professionals

June 9, 2009

NJohnsonBy: Nora Johnson, SMMP Services Specialist, Experient and 2009 Chair, IAEE Young Professionals Committee

“How can I attract, engage and retain young professionals?”  Undoubtedly, many of you have heard or asked a similar question in the past.  Naturally, many of you have also had two words immediately come to mind: technology and entertainment.

 In short, the answers are:

  1. Attract: Show an interest in them
  2. Engage: Invite them to get involved or give them a seat at the table
  3. Retain: See 1 and 2 and add a dash of letting them own and pursue a project or initiative

You will notice that technology and entertainment are not in the short answers.  Why are they absent?  There is a lot to be said for the relevancy of these two words.  However, the reality goes beyond a generational trend and reveals a more significant business and societal trend.  A friend of mine, who is a Director of Design for a prominent fashion line, once mentioned that the days of big department stores, such as Macy’s, dictating the fashion of the season are over.  Rather, fashion is being heavily influenced by the numerous sub-cultures in our society: the “Jocks,” the “Skaters,” the “Goths,” the “Preps” and many more.  Essentially, trends are being generated from the bottom, up, rather than from the top, down, which had traditionally been the standing model for business. 

What, you may ask, does this have to do with young professionals, technology and entertainment?  Read the rest of this entry »

Is it OK to Use Social Media at the Office?

June 3, 2009

Ever thought using Social Media at the office was taboo? Check out the survey below showing that companies are using Social Media at all levels to get the job done.

Survey says:

SN Survey

Do you have a comment regarding the perception of Social Media in your organization?? Please share it with us!