And the Survey Says…

August 26, 2009

headshot karenBy Karen Watson, CMP Experient

Can you believe three weeks have gone by since we all said our goodbyes at the 2009 e4 conference?? From the feedback Experient  received it appears everyone enjoyed and found tremendous value in the event.

I have been curious as to how many of you are already utilizing some social media applications or plan to in the future? As I awaited the results of the post event surveys I wondered what we would actually learn about our social media experience at e4?

Well, based upon the surveys received here are the findings:

  • Live Webcasts —
    • 24.43% of Experient clients are already doing live webcasts.
    • 45.9% plan to do so in the future.
    • Only 29.73% have no plans for webcasts.
  • Live Twitter Streams in Sessions–
    • 13.5% of clients have already utilized Twitter feeds in session(s).
    • 42.89% plan to do so in future
    • 44.59% have no plans to do so in future.
  • White Label Social Networking Sites (i.e. Social Collective)
    • Only 9.46% utilize white label social networking site.
    • 45.95% plan to do so in future
    • 44.59% do not plan to do so.
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LinkedIn – I thought it was a job posting site?

May 26, 2009

By Andy Smith, Experient

Headshot_AndySmithLinkedIn was the first social networking site that I ever visited.  I have to admit that with one of my job responsibilities focused on developing new sales and account management talent, the job posting aspects of LinkedIn are what initally attracted me to the site.

Very quickly though I found LinkedIn to be the largest gathering of business professionals online.  What was fascinating was seeing the impact of LinkedIn grow in direct proportion to the time I invested on developing my presence online.   LinkedIn is based upon the simple concept that all of us are related to each other by just a few degrees of seperation.    Initially, we are all somewhat skeptical, but consider the following: