Who Wants to be a Millionaire?

August 4, 2009

Headshot_cara2By Cara Beckerle, MMEO – Experient

Before it got syndicated five times a week and made into the background of an Oscar-winning movie, I occasionally watched the game show “Who Wants to be a Millionaire?”

The saving grace for a contestant who is stumped is one of their “lifelines.”  Millionaire gives people a 50/50 lifeline, where two answers out of four are eliminated to give a 50% chance of the correct answer; Ask the Audience, where those in the studio give a consensus of what they think is correct to help guide the contestant, and Phone a Friend, where he or she gets to call a friend one to one for help on the answer.

KFerrazziAs I was listening to Keith Ferrazzi, author of “Who’s Got Your Back,” at e4, I was reminded of this show.  Keith’s talk centered around “lifeline relationships.”  These are relationships that you can draw on to become successful in life – where you have the opportunity to be vulnerable and honest without fear of judgment.  This kind of relationship is Read the rest of this entry »


Experient Welcomes e4 2009 Attendees!!!

July 31, 2009
Mike McCurry

Mike McCurry

Michael M. McCurry, CMP — Experient

Well, only two days until e4 2009 officially kicks off.  Some of you are already in DC enjoying the wonderful tourist attractions and historic landmarks of our nation’s capital.

There really is a fantastic program lined up for us this year.  Thanks to the entire Experient e4 team for putting this event together!

As we turn our focus to e4 just wanna throw a few teasers your way:

  • My e4 — if you have not setup your account for this “cutting edge” online community yet, please take a few moments to sign up.  There really are some terrific features there and the site will remain live Post-event.
  • Sponsor Fan Pages — Once signed up for My e4 please visit the sponsor fan pages.  They are fun and informational.  Of course our sponsors will appreciate your participation!
  • e4 Social Media Tech Squad — in the Maryland 1-6 foyer Experient will feature a social media learning center beginning at 1pm on Sunday, through Wednesday.  (see schedule for more details)  Our tech squad will assist you with your questions/challenges regarding Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.
  • Live Twitter Stream — Experient has established a Twitter hashtag “#e4chat” which is already active.  A Live stream will be featured throughout the conference in the public areas and some general sessions.  Please participate as it will enhance everyone’s social media experience!
  • NEW!! Live Open Webcast — Earlier today Experient released a promotion inviting all event professionals across the meetings business to watch a live webcast of e4’s Wednesday morning panel discussion, “Technology and Meetings in the Future.”  This is a must-see event, please make sure you register for it!

Experient looks forward to your participation in the 2009 e4 Conference, whether that be in person, by webcasts, or via the twitterverse!  Thanks for being part of our event!

The Hostess with the Mostess

July 30, 2009

Headshot_cara2By Cara Beckerle – Experient

My grandmother likes to joke that if she ever got separated from her daughters while shopping, all she had to do is listen for the loudest laughter and she would find them shortly thereafter.  That’s the family I come from: full of fun, love and a lot of noise.

Family gatherings are always entertaining.  I sometimes will sit back and observe the adults and children, packed into what is often a too-small space, enjoying each other’s company and plenty of delicious food.  My dad is one of seven kids and my mom is one of five, so you can imagine the exponential growth of grandchildren and great-grandchildren that are currently running around at the holidays!
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Face-to-Face Corporate Meetings

July 29, 2009

By Leslie Wulfemeyer-Gilfillan Experient

Whatever the purpose of the meeting or event is face-to-face gatherings advocate good will, better morale, relationships and networking. It’s difficult to establish a bond or build unity going eye-to-eye with a computer screen.

The biggest challenge in the corporate meetings environment today is establishing the need first and foremost for the meeting. Is there really a need to spend the money on an event, do we have a new product to launch? If we have the meeting, how elaborate can it be? Are we worried about the perception having a meeting would have? There are so many questions evolving on justifying meetings and the expense associated with them. If the meetings are approved, what level of a hotel/resort can we ‘get away with’ (perception). Can we have any off site functions, or any team-building events (again perception), even knowing it would motivate and build company morale.
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The Evolving Value Proposition of Association Meetings

July 28, 2009

NWiseBy Nancy Wise, CMP – Experient

What is the future value of your association and its annual “face 2 face” conference to your members?  Today’s associations face many challenges, some of which are the same from years’ past, but some are new and unique to this decade.

For years associations have depended on their annual conference as not only a major revenue source, but also as the focal gathering point of the year for networking and education. Marketing successfully across the multi-generational workforce and the use of technology including social networking are both crucial elements of today’s and future association efforts to draw and retain member attendance.

Join us for an open discussion on what associations may need to consider moving forward in order for their annual conference to grow and remain a vital part of their member benefits as well as appeal to nonmembers.

It’s time to step it up

July 27, 2009

NicoleHeadShotREVBy Nicole Buraglio Hanley Wood Exhibitions

Historically, the typical trade show web site has been nothing more than an online brochure that’s updated a few months leading up to an event. For those industry professionals planning to attend, what purpose is there to revisiting the site? What new information has been posted that will be helpful to their businesses? Is the only important part of an event the on-site experience? What happens the other 362 days a year?

We live in a fervent society where people no longer have the patience to wait the 20 to 30 seconds it sometimes takes for an e-mail to make it to the person on the other end of the phone. We can communicate faster and in more ways than ever thought possible. (Remember when we had to use snail mail to send a note?) The next generation will never even know what a fax machine is. (My 3-year-old knows how to text.)

It’s more important than ever for trade show organizers to serve as an industry resource –for both exhibitors and attendees – 365 days a year. Would you continue to visit your favorite online clothing store if it had all the same stuff every time you went? No, you want to see new products. You want to participate in a sale. You want to be up on the latest fashions. Why should our customers be any different?

It’s time for us to start serving up what we would expect to be served. Site content – whether RSS feeds, videos, webinars, polls, widgets, industry stats, incorporation of Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn – are no longer optional “features” of an event web site. The bar has been raised.

Remembering Walter

July 24, 2009
BHoulihanMy personal encounter with Walter Cronkite
by Brenda Houlihan – Experient, Inc.

In the event industry, we are all privileged to meet all walks of life including celebrities, politicians, or entrepreneurs.  Recently, I was reminded of my brief encounter with an American icon, Walter Cronkite.

A few years back, I was working on an event and supporting the transportation and security elements of a high tech conference.  I remember checking on the shuttle buses when a limo pulled into the WDW Dolphin porte couchere.   I had instructed the transportation company that all VIP traffic was to be directed to the front entrance.  I was noticeably aggravated, when my transportation coordinator responded, “it‘s the conference talent and they need to be dropped off at the ballroom.”

The limo pulled up and out stepped an agent, then an assistant and then Walter Cronkite.   I immediately recognized the stately gentleman because he had been invited into my family’s home each evening at 6:00 pm.   The busy activity of a home with five active kids would come to a silencing halt.  My father would command that there would be silence, an almost reverence to the “Evening News with Walter Cronkite.”   I thought how Walter Cronkite had shaped Read the rest of this entry »