Giving Back to the Community

August 30, 2009

Mike at podium alternate 800X800By Michael M McCurry, CMPExperient

Last week my colleagues and I with the Chicago Experient office participated in our annual Summer Community Service Day.  As with last year, the project benefited Chicago public schools, and was sponsored by our events industry partner, the Nashville ‘Music City’ Convention & Visitors Bureau.

The Experient team arrived at Manierre Elementary School at approximately 8:30am on Friday, August 21.  Our Nashville CVB Hosts, Pride Haggerty & Randy Kidwell treated us to a delicious continental breakfast to kickoff the festivities.  They also supplied us with a terrific lunch to provide  a break midway through the day.

The task was to paint the Black Iron Fence surrounding the school property.  This video will recap for you the experience.  I hope you enjoy it!

It really does feel good to help “less fortunate” people and organizations with their needs and this day, while a lot of work, was fun and rewarding.

I look forward to next year’s adventure!