WARNING: System Overload!

August 10, 2009

NJohnsonBy: Nora Johnson, SMMP Services Specialist, Experient

Data, reports, e-mail, blogs, websites, conference calls, voicemail, projects, news releases, reports, data, data, data: information. Chaotic and overwhelming, and made even more so as we toss in a few additional factors: past, present and future. Now that you may be experiencing an anxiety spike and your fingers are itching to check your e-mail, you should take this moment to stop and breathe

We are fortunate to have a lot of information available to us, and if not readily available, we at least have the means to gather the information. However, in trying to keep up, we find that there is more information than we can possibly process, there is information from questionable sources or there is conflicting information. Regarding information – we’re at an impasse.

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Career Life-cycle and Generational Professional Development

June 30, 2009

NJohnsonBy: Nora Johnson, SMMP Services Specialist, Experient

As the current economy rambles on, many individuals – and perhaps you – have revisited their current professional status. Even for those who may not feel their jobs are at risk, there is a more visible drive to grow, refresh or rebuild skills, knowledge, networks and more.

There are many models developed to represent career life-cycles and potential career paths. These cycles may include being a new hire, being promoted, dealing with internal expansion or contraction, retirement and any number of stages and possibilities in between. Several are even tailored to a particular industry or culture.


For simplicity, we need only look at the very traditional and very generic product life-cycle:  Introduction, Growth, Maturity, Decline.  As with most organizations, products and services, the goal is to reset the product life-cycle at the end of the maturity stage before beginning the decline phase, thus perpetuating growth and continuity.

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Young Professionals

June 9, 2009

NJohnsonBy: Nora Johnson, SMMP Services Specialist, Experient and 2009 Chair, IAEE Young Professionals Committee

“How can I attract, engage and retain young professionals?”  Undoubtedly, many of you have heard or asked a similar question in the past.  Naturally, many of you have also had two words immediately come to mind: technology and entertainment.

 In short, the answers are:

  1. Attract: Show an interest in them
  2. Engage: Invite them to get involved or give them a seat at the table
  3. Retain: See 1 and 2 and add a dash of letting them own and pursue a project or initiative

You will notice that technology and entertainment are not in the short answers.  Why are they absent?  There is a lot to be said for the relevancy of these two words.  However, the reality goes beyond a generational trend and reveals a more significant business and societal trend.  A friend of mine, who is a Director of Design for a prominent fashion line, once mentioned that the days of big department stores, such as Macy’s, dictating the fashion of the season are over.  Rather, fashion is being heavily influenced by the numerous sub-cultures in our society: the “Jocks,” the “Skaters,” the “Goths,” the “Preps” and many more.  Essentially, trends are being generated from the bottom, up, rather than from the top, down, which had traditionally been the standing model for business. 

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